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Book cover of Do Sourdough: Slow bread for busy lives by Andrew Whitley

Do Sourdough

Slow bread for busy lives

Andrew Whitley

One of the oldest yet simplest, tastiest and most nutritious breads you can make, sourdough needs only flour, water, salt – and a little time. But what if time is the one thing you don’t have?

In Do Sourdough, Andrew Whitley – a baker of over 30 years who has ‘changed the way we think about bread’–  reveals how the slow fermentation that’s key to real sourdough can happen while we’re asleep or at work. And by using his simple and fuss-free method, everyone can make this wonderful bread at home. Discover:

  • The basic tools and ingredients you need to get started
  • How to create – and refresh – your own sourdough starter
  • Delicious recipes for basic loaves as well as sourdough pizza, ciabatta, crumpets and more
  • A 7-day plan for the bread you don’t devour immediately

The result isn't just fresh bread made with your own hands and in your own time. It’s the chance to learn new skills, make something to share with family and friends, and change your world – one loaf at a time. 

This paperback purchase includes a free ebook download.  

Do Sourdough contains detailed instructions on how to make your own starter from flour and water. However, if you want to get straight into the baking, why not purchase our Do Sourdough + Starter gift set? It includes a sachet of the author's dehydrated sourdough starter that can be brought back to life in a day. 


Loving Do Sourdough by Andrew Whitley. Thorough, no nonsense, great recipes, ace photos.

Tom Herbert, baker and author

Stumped on sourdough? Needing a refresher? This is THE book for you!

Ben MacKinnon, E5 Bakehouse

The book is extremely useful and gives lots of tips for beginners to start making their first sourdough bread.

Amazon reviewer

I am finding this book fascinating, and it's giving me the knowledge to really get into sourdough.

Amazon reviewer

This is an easy-to-follow cookbook that makes sourdough so much more approachable. I particularly loved how laid-back it is about maintaining a starter. It has versatile recipes and doesn't get too in the weeds of the science behind sourdough.

Rachel Rayner, Weller Book Works
Andrew’s Do Lecture

Why bread needs time

Andrew thinks that changes in the way bread is produced have compromised its integrity. He tells us why - and what we might do to make it better. He reveals what goes into a factory loaf (and what doesn't) and how fast-made bread may be enough to turn your stomach. Andrew calls for the Real Bread Campaign to expose the adulteration of our staple food and to encourage people to take matters into their own hands by making their own bread.

About the author

Andrew Whitley has 'changed the way we think about bread’ (BBC Food and Farming award judges). A baker for over 30 years, his company Bread Matters runs some of the most authoritative bread-making courses in the UK - popular with enthusiastic amateurs and professional cooks alike.

Originally a producer with the BBC Russian Service, Andrew left in 1976 to found the Village Bakery Melmerby in the Lake District. Over the next two decades it became one of the country's leading organic bakeries and the first to supply Waitrose. In 2002 he did a Masters in Food Policy and wrote Bread Matters (Fourth Estate 2006). It became a bestseller and won the André Simon 2006 Food Award. In 2008, he co-founded the Real Bread Campaign to bring good bread to every neighbourhood in the UK.

Product details

  • Pub date: May 2014
  • Dimensions: 120x178mm
  • Extent: 160 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-907974-11-3
  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-907974-12-0


Colour photography by Jonathan Cherry

Paper & print details

Paperback editions are printed by OZGraf Print on Munken, an FSC-certified paper

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