Do Purpose - Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more Photograph close-up portrait of girl Black skull cartoon illustration Olaf Ladousse Photograph cloudy sky and scribbled heart drawing Do Purpose - Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more Do Purpose - Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more Do Purpose - Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more

Do Purpose - Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more David Hieatt

The most important brands in the world make us feel something. They do that because they have something they want to change. And as customers, we want to be part of that change. These companies have a reason to exist over and above making a profit: they have a Purpose.

Yes, we love the product they make. But the thing we love most about them is the change they are making. 

Purpose is an incredibly powerful thing. It provides the strength to fight the impossible. It tells your story, it builds your teams and it defines your culture.

In Do Purpose, David Hieatt offers insights on how to build one of these purpose-driven companies. You know, those rare brands we all fall in love with. The crazy ones that don’t just make something, but change something as well. 

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  • Gain insight into all aspects of building a purpose-driven brand
  • Learn how to define the 'why' behind what you do
  • Contains stunning black and white photography and linocuts
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‘David Hieatt is the man who proved to a world full of shallow brands the benefits of having a real purpose. There is no greater expert on the matter.’
Richard Reed, co-founder Innocent Drinks
‘A wonderful book that reveals one of the secrets of business: do something you love and you'll never have to work another day in your life.’
Michael Acton Smith, CEO of Calm

About the author

David Hieatt has been described as a marketing genius. After leaving Saatchi and Saatchi, he built howies into one of the most influential active sports brands in recent years. After selling it to Timberland, he co-founded The Do Lectures, voted one of the top ten ideas festivals in the world by The Guardian. More recently, he started Hiut Denim in his home town of Cardigan in west Wales. A town that used to have Britain’s biggest jeans factory. Its purpose is to get 400 people their jobs back. David has a cult internet following, and has spoken at Apple, Google, Red Bull and many other top companies and conferences. He is the author of Do Open (2017) and The Path of a Doer (2010 and reissued 2020).

David’s Do Lecture: How Love, Luck And Ideas Got A Town Making Jeans Again

David Hieatt, co-founder of Hiut Denim Co, talks about why manufacturing is coming back home.

Product Details

Dimensions: 120x178mm
ISBN: 978-1-907974-13-7
eBook ISBN: 978-1-907974-14-4


40 B&W photographs by Andrew Paynter. 10 B&W linocuts by Olaf Ladousse.

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Paperback editions are printed by OZGraf Print on Munken, an FSC-certified paper.

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