Path - A short story about reciprocity Path - A short story about reciprocity Path - A short story about reciprocity Path - A short story about reciprocity Path - A short story about reciprocity Path - A short story about reciprocity Path - A short story about reciprocity

Path - A short story about reciprocity Louisa Thomsen Brits

‘Walk with me. Along luminous chalk paths, rugged terrain and ancient tracks. 
To remember that you are not alone but part of an infinite web of ways. 
Intricately and completely interdependent.'

Many of us enjoy walking along a familiar path. Our spirits lift as our mind settles and our soul is restored by the beauty of the natural landscape. 

In Path, a solitary figure walks along ancient pathways, between slender trees, across open hills. As the earth offers up support and reassurance, they walk through uncertainty towards an understanding that they – we – are not alone, but part of the fabric of the world.

With evocative photography and illustrations inspired by the pathways across the South Downs, Path is a contemplative journey written in poetic prose that embodies the steady rhythms and joy of walking, and captures our reciprocal relationship with the land.

Now in paperback, Path features a brand new preface written by the author, Louisa Thomsen Brits, that reveals the unexpected journey she undertook just days after the book was first published in 2018 – and how her own words helped her to navigate a different kind of path through diagnosis and treatment towards healing.


  • Beautifully produced first paperback edition printed in colour on FSC-certified paper
  • Features a new preface written by the author offering her unique perspective on the creative process and the natural world
  • A creative collaboration: poetic prose with original works by artist Linda Felcey and photographer Jim Marsden who walked with Louisa across the South Downs
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‘A wonderfully meditative little book, full of moments of calm and wisdom’
Hole & Corner
‘A book to read slowly, and read enriches with each encounter.’
Elementum Journal
‘Blends poetry, prose and non-fiction writing to create a thought-provoking and immersive work about walking through nature.’
Caught by the River
‘I only need open my copy of Path to feel a sense of restoration and calm. It’s such a precious book; the very pages speak.’
The Unhurried Reader

About the author

Louisa Thomsen Brits is a bestselling author, walker, outdoor swimmer and mother of four. Her work explores the seam between domestic and wild, nature and culture, celebrating art and craft that springs from our communion with the natural world. She writes about interconnection and the rhythms and patterns that define all life. Louisa lives on a hill, close to the sea, in East Sussex, England.

Product Details

Pub date: June 2023
Dimensions: 120x150mm
ISBN: 978-1-914168-23-9


24 photographs by Jim Marsden and 11 artworks by Linda Felcey

Paper & print details

Paperback editions are printed by OZGraf Print on Munken, an FSC-certified paper 

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