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Front cover of Do Design by Alan Moore

Do Design

Why beauty is key to everything.

Alan Moore

So much passes us by, unnoticed. We multi-task, switch between screens, work faster. When was the last time you paused to consider a beautifully-made object or stunning natural landscape? Yet this is when our spirits lift and our soul is restored.

Designer Alan Moore invites us to rethink not only what we produce – whether it’s a website, a handmade chair, or a business – but how and why. With examples from Apple, Yeo Valley and Blitz Motorcycles, we are encouraged to ask: is it useful and considered. Is it a thing of beauty? 

Do Design will inspire you to:

  • Improve your creative process
  • Raise the quality and craft of your work
  • Consider the experience as much as the product
  • Adopt simplicity, utility and honesty as guiding principles

We are creative beings. We love to make things. This book will inspire you to create better things for better reasons. Things that people will love – for a long time to come. Some say beauty is a luxury. But what if it is key to creating a better world for us all?

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An excellent guide to the essence of beauty – the freedom to create it and an argument for its power and importance to the soul.

Tim Smit, The Eden Project

I think you'll like this.

Suzanne Santos, co-founder of Aesop

A handbook for mindful making and conscientious consumption.

CRAFTS Magazine

Your book gave me real clarity and a forceful nudge to just make things and see where it takes me. What a book!

Jono Smart, contemporary potter

Alan Moore's book on beauty links the history of that which has been simply made, to that which has been extraordinarily made. The difference is that which is engineered, to what is crafted, to what is designed.

John Maeda, Automattic

Alan Moore urges us to rethink not just what we make but how and why.


International editions

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Do Design - Why beauty is key to everything. - Audiobook
Alan’s Do Lecture

Where does beauty dwell?

We are all creative beings. We all have the capacity to bring beautiful things into this world. In this short film shot at Kettles Yard in Cambridge, Alan introduces the themes and concepts in his bestselling book, Do Design.

About the author

Alan Moore has designed and created everything from books to businesses. He has a unique grasp on the forces that are reshaping our world and how to creatively respond to them. Working on six continents, Alan has shared his knowledge in the form of board and advisory positions at companies such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and Coca Cola, holding workshops and speaking as well as teaching in institutions as wide-ranging as MIT and Reading University’s Typography Department, Sloan School of Management and INSEAD. He is the author of five books on creativity, marketing and business transformation including Do Build: How to make and lead a business the world needs (2021). He still works as an artist and tries everyday to lead a life as beautifully as he possibly can.

Product details

  • Published: May 2016
  • Dimensions: 120 x 178mm
  • Extent: 128 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-907974-28-1
  • eBook ISBN: 978-1-907974-29-8


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Paper & print details

Paperback editions printed by OZGraf Print on Munken, an FSC-certified paper

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