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The Path of a Doer

A simple tale of how to get things done.

David Hieatt

This is a pocket guide to helping you to achieve more. To help you understand the ebb and flow of making something happen.

For over a decade, David Hieatt has been listening to the world’s Doers share their inspiring stories on the Do Lectures stage. In doing so, he found a path that seemed common to all.

The Path of a Doer takes us through the simple steps that every person, every project, every business will probably encounter on their way to making stuff happen successfully. It will answer such questions as: should you set yourself an impossible deadline? When are you most likely to fail? Why can daydreaming help you succeed?

No matter if you are a student or a CEO, this book is an essential read for anyone who wants to go from ‘talker’ to ‘doer’.


Reminiscent of the late great Paul Arden; succinct, direct and full of wisdom.

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Keep on your desk as a ‘pick me up’ when you need inspiration.

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Something I will go back to again and again. Brilliant.

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If I could strap it to my forehead I would.

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David’s Do Lecture

Stop Caring What Other People Think

'In this world, we can do many things. Make sure to say no, unless they really matter.'

About the author

David Hieatt has been described as a marketing genius. After leaving Saatchi, he built howies into one of the most influential active sports brands in recent years. After selling it to Timberland, he co-founded The DO Lectures, voted one of the top ten ideas festivals in the world by The Guardian. More recently, he started Hiut Denim in his home town of Cardigan in West Wales. A town that used to have Britain’s biggest jeans factory. Its purpose is to get 400 people their jobs back. In 2024, it was featured on BBC2's Inside the Factory. David has a cult internet following, and has spoken at Apple, Google, Red Bull and many other top companies and conferences. He is the author of Do Purpose (2014), Do Open (2017). The Path of a Doer was self-published in 2010 and reissued by Do Books in 2020.

Product details

  • Published: Nov 2020
  • Dimensions: 150 x 120mm
  • ISBN: 978-1-907974-83-0


Illustrations by Andy Smith

Paper & print details

Printed on 120gsm uncoated, wood-free and acid-free Caribic paper

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