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The Doer's Bundle

The perfect 2-book + notebook bundle for anyone looking to turn ideas into action. 

Whether you’re starting an exciting new venture, or at the dreaded halfway point and need an extra push, the Doer’s Bundle will equip you with advice, inspiration and motivation to move things forward. 

Do Fly is a reminder that life’s too short to not pursue your passion. Whatever your age or position, this book will encourage you to revamp your mindset, think creatively about new projects, and keep going!

The Path of a Doer will help you to understand the ebb and flow of making something happen. It takes you through the simple steps that every person, every project, every business encounters on their way to making stuff happen, successfully. It answers such questions as: should you set yourself an impossible deadline? When are you most likely to fail? Can daydreaming help you succeed?

Essential for anyone who wants to go from ’talker’ to ‘Doer’, this set also includes a 64-page soft cover feint-ruled Do Notebook so you can plan your route!

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  • Set includes: 2 paperbacks + 1 notebook