Pile of books and notebooks on wooden stool Pile of books on marble mantelpiece Four books lined up on blue background White book cover on grey background, with title DESIGN and illustration of orange key paper-cut White book cover on beige background, title MAKE and illustration of two grey fingerprints at edges White book cover on beige background, title PHOTO and illustration of blue sky and white clouds in circle White book cover on beige background, with title INTERESTING and illustration of black arrow pointing to red circle

The Creative Library The Do Book Co.

Live a more creative life with these four titles across writing, making, curation and design. Hone your natural talents, develop new skills, adjust how you view and interpret the world around you. 

The Creative Library includes:

Do Design - Why beauty is key to everything - Alan Moore
Do Interesting - Notice. Collect. Share - Russell Davies
Do Photo - Observe. Compose. Capture. Stand out - Andrew Paynter
Do Make - The power of your own two hands - James Otter   

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