Book cover of Do Sea Salt: The magic of seasoning, by Alison, David and Jess Lea-Wilson Do Sea Salt - The magic of seasoning Do Sea Salt - The magic of seasoning Do Sea Salt - The magic of seasoning Do Sea Salt - The magic of seasoning Do Sea Salt - The magic of seasoning Do Sea Salt - The magic of seasoning

Do Sea Salt - The magic of seasoning Alison, David & Jess Lea-Wilson

Salt is magical. What other single ingredient enhances our food to make each component taste more of itself, and brings together all the elements of a dish so it sings with deliciousness? And it's not just about flavour, these crystals contain trace elements needed for our very survival. 

Do Sea Salt will change the way you think about salt  and how you use it. Written by the founders of Halen Môn, the Anglesey sea salt used by home cooks and world-famous chefs alike, you will discover: 

  • How to season your food properly
  • The role that sea salt plays in our health
  • How to make your own sea salt

With favourite recipes from salt-baked fish to sea-salted chocolate truffles, Do Sea Salt shows how this humble ingredient has the ability to take food from bland to brilliant. 

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  • Written by a trio of award-winning salt makers
  • Insight into why salt is the most important ingredient in any kitchen
  • Features 20 delicious recipes - all with a salty kick
  • Stunning colour photography throughout
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‘One must never underestimate the power of salt: life, nourishment, and certainly flavour. Anyone, including chefs, can learn how to master the finesse of salt from this book.’
Daniel Boulud, chef and restaurateur
‘If you're at all curious about food and cooking, or you just fancy a Blue Peter experiment, I'd encourage you to take a Tupperware and a copy of this book down to the sea and start your own adventure.’
‘A wonderful little book’
Do Sea Salt is part manual, part cookery book, covering everything from making salt to how to season.’
‘Book of the Month: Do Sea Salt pays homage to the transformtive powers of nature's own seasoning covering the production process, its origins and 20 recipes including delicious savoury tarts and salted caramel sauce. A ready-made gift for your favourite foodie.’
Coast magazine

About the author

Alison and David Lea-Wilson started Halen Môn, the Anglesey Sea Salt company, in 1997. They have always made a living from the sea — first as fishmongers, then aquarium owners — and been fascinated by the process of making sea salt. In 2017, Halen Môn won the Queen’s Award for Sustainability, and in 2019, Alison and David were awarded MBEs for their services to business.

Their daughter, Jess, is a writer and designer who has worked in the food industry her whole working life. She loves talking about vegetarian food: making it, writing about it, but most of all, eating it.

Alison and David’s Do Lecture: Why We Should Value True Eccentricity

To be off-centre is the meaning of eccentricity. David and Alison believe that the most interesting things happen around the edges. In this talk, they tell us how doing things off-centre has shaped their lives and their businesses.

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Pub date: May 2019
Dimensions: 120x178mm
ISBN: 978-1-907974-65-6
eBook ISBN: 978-1-907974-66-3


Contains 33 full colour photographs.

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Paperback editions are printed by OZGraf Print on Munken, an FSC-certified paper.

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