Best Intentions

This month we’re in commissioning and development mode, while Do Breathe and Do Beekeeping are in the hands of copy-editors and designers (out May). 

Finding new voices and conceiving books that otherwise might not get published is what really motivates us. Usually the authors aren't 'famous', many aren't even writers in the traditional sense, mostly they are too busy 'doing' to even think about writing a book. But they all have a story to tell or expertise to share  and we want to help make that happen.

It’s not about trying to find the next bestseller – although it's book sales that keep us going. We want to create and make available an original series of Books for Doers. Concise guides to help you learn something new, provide a shot of inspiration, a fresh approach or mindset, and to use a term coined by our inimitable cover designer James Victore, a bit of creative courage.

As a portable mechanism for delivering new ideas and age-old wisdom, as a force to bring about positive change, we believe the simple book has yet to be beaten.

We hope you like what comes next.

Photo by Jonathan Cherry.