The Wellness Library The Wellness Library The Wellness Library Front cover of Do Breathe: Calm your mind. Find focus. Get stuff done, by Michael Townsend Williams Front cover of Do Pause: You are not a To Do list, by Robert Poynton Front cover of Do Inhabit: Style your space for a creative and considered life, by Sue Fan, Danielle Quigley Front cover of Do Design: Why beauty is key to everything, by Alan Moore

The Wellness Library The Do Book Co.

So busy doing you’re slightly forgetting to look after yourself? Made up of four hand-selected books, The Wellness Library is perfect for anyone in need of replenishment. Do Breathe and Do Pause provide perspective and offer practical tools to help you find focus, create new habits or make more significant lifestyle choices; Do Inhabit will ensure your live/work space is a nurturing place to be; and Do Design will inspire you to lead a more beautiful life.

The Wellness Library will help you to reset and regenerate; take back control of your time; and reconnect with yourself and your surroundings. Sometimes it does need to be about you. 

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