The Do Book Club

Welcome to the Do Book Club! The place where our books come to life and our community come together.

With the help of our authors, and the writers who inspired them, this is a new reading experience for creative entrepreneurs, makers and Doers.

By joining the club, you will receive a Do Book through your letterbox each month – either a new release or classic from the back catalogue (if you already have it, you can skip that month). But there’s more….

We know the creative process requires agitation, not just inspiration. So at the end of every month, we’ll host a live online conversation between our Do author and a leading writer who inspired them.  

Ignite new ideas and create lasting positive change, join as a monthly member or get one month free with an annual membership. See you in the Club!

We're sorry, but Book Club Membership is currently only available in the UK, Ireland and North America.

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Do Book Club - annual member
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The Two Book Club - go one better

For those of you ready to dive deeper, choose the Two Book Club – a simple way to build a library with depth as well as breadth. Each month you’ll receive two books through the post: the Do Book plus a second title (different author and publisher) selected by our Do author.

Providing an alternative perspective on the same subject, or a beautifully rich example of the ideas and strategies in action, this companion title will enrich your thinking, and maybe even spark new ideas of your own.   

Two Book Club - monthly member
Delivered every 1 Month
Two Book Club - annual member
$325 (was $355)
Delivery every 1 Month, Charged every 12 Months

This Month's Featured Titles

Do Present: How to give a talk and be heard

Giving a brilliant talk is not about following a method. It's not about rules. It's about understanding what you want the audience to think, feel and do afterwards. Ultimately, it's about having the confidence to be more you. 

In Do Present, Mark Shayler draws on his own experience to help us overcome one of our greatest fears: standing up and sharing our ideas.

Take a deeper look at what's holding your presentation skills back with Mark's advice on how to: 

  • Find your voice and the confidence to share it
  • Tell stories, not just share data
  • Stand and move around the stage comfortably
  • Leave the audience informed, entertained and uplifted

    Back in the Frame: Cycling, belonging and finding joy on a bike

    Jools Walker re-discovered cycling aged twenty-eight after a ten-year absence from the saddle and went on to become a well-known figure in the scene. When she started blogging about her cycle adventures under the alias Lady Vélo, a whole world was opened up to her. But it was hard to find space in this rather traditional industry. It was only by owning her identity as a stylish woman of colour, amongst the pack of Lycra wearing men, that things really took off.

    In Back in the Frame, Jools shares how she overcame serious health problems, learned how to cycle her own path, and even found a love of Lycra shorts along the way.

     ‘Jools found the confidence to be her true self, but she didn't discover that overnight. Back in the Frame wheels us through how she learnt to own it.’ – Mark Shayler

    This Month's Do Book Conversation

    Join us for this month's online event where both writers come together for a live conversation!

    This will be your chance to listen to the ideas and inspiration behind the books, along with the stories and experiences that shaped them. And each conversation will only happen once. No recordings, no catch ups. It’s where we gather each month, and where the magic happens.

    Membership includes a ticket to each conversation plus a couple of extras if you think a friend might be interested. Non-members are also welcome to attend by purchasing one-off tickets via Eventbrite.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I know what book is coming next?

    Yes, we’ll let you know what book is coming next by email before it ships out.

    Can I skip a book?

    Yes, you can skip a book if you already have it or if you don’t want it. You’ll get an email with this option before each book ships.

    Will you be featuring new Do Books?

    Yes, most new titles will be featured in the Club when they are published.

    How will you choose the books for Two Book Club?

    Books in the Two Book Club will be chosen by Do Book authors to shed new light on that month's subject, and feature authors and thinkers who had a profound impact their own ideas and work. Both authors will join our live conversation at the end of each month.

    How will the conversations work?

    Do Book Conversations are an informal opportunity for our authors to engage on their shared specialism. These intimate discussions promise unique insights for book club members, along with the chance to ask their own questions.

    Can I attend an event if I’m not a Club member?

    Yes! Conversations are free to club members and open to all.

    When are books sent out?

    New books are sent out at the start of each month, leaving plenty time to get to grips with the topic before our end of month conversation.

    How do I manage my membership?

    When you join the Do Book Club, or the Two Book Club, you will get an email with a link to your personal online membership portal. Here you can manage all aspects of your subscription.